Joining Clinical Trials

To the Editor:

Re “Minorities Face Extra Hurdles in Cancer Trials” (“Cell Wars” series, front page, Dec. 24):

Here at MD Anderson Cancer Center, where about half of all patients participate in clinical trials, minority inclusion is a priority. And data from our diverse catchment area show that minority patients, in fact, have the highest participation rates: While 15 percent of our Hispanic patients and 14 percent of those who are black participate, only 13 percent of our white patients do.

MD Anderson works with like-minded institutions — our national and global cancer network — to disseminate knowledge and increase access to our expertise, and that often includes increasing access to clinical trials.

We have an obligation to do more for patients whose treatments are failing. I’m hopeful that this spotlight on minority participation rates will inspire all patients to explore lifesaving options and help accelerate scientific progress for all humanity.

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